Enterprise Resource Planning

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Running a business is more challenging than ever before. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software connects everything for a clear, real-time overview. Our ERP experts guide you through the complex process of selection, customization, and implementation from initial planning stages to end-user adoption and training, ensuring a fully integrated system tailored to your unique workflow needs and future growth. With over a decade of experience streamlining operations and data for organizations of all sizes and industries, we provide strategic counsel every step of the way to realize rapid ROI by aligning people, processes and technologies.

Our Solutions

Our Comprehensive ERP Services, Designed to Drive Efficiency and Excellence:

ERP Package Evaluation

Assessing needs to recommend the right ERP platform, edition, and deployment model.

Pre-Implementation Planning

Developing a blueprint aligned with business objectives, resources, timelines, and constraints.

Installation and Configuration

Handling technical tasks related to setting up ERP instances, configuring modules, and integrating add-ons.

Data Migration

Securely transferring legacy system data into the new ERP following best practices.

Customization and Extensions

Building customized apps, components, forms, reports, workflows, and integrations.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Verifying the ERP ecosystem meets requirements with structured test cases.

Training and Adoption

Providing training across user groups for a rapid onboarding onto the new ERP platform.

Go-Live & 24X7 Support

Guiding your go-live launch and providing enhanced support during the stabilization period.

Upgrades and Migration

Delivering upgrades to the latest ERP versions or migrating from legacy to modern next-gen ERP platforms.

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