IoT and Digital Engineering

Seamless Integration of Custom IoT Apps for Real-Time Business Intelligence.

At the heart of our expertise lies the creation of custom IoT applications. These applications are not only native to your systems but also seamlessly integrate with other IT platforms. The result is a dynamic synergy that provides real-time intelligence, empowering you to make swift and informed decisions. With our custom IoT apps, you gain the ability to take real-time actions tailored to the specific nuances of your business processes, ensuring a level of responsiveness that propels your operations forward.

Our Solutions

Extended Solutions for Endless possibilities

Customized IoT Solutions

Tailored IoT apps with edge computing, MQTT protocols, and robust security for unique business needs.

Real-time Intelligence

Immediate insights using data analytics, machine learning, and edge computing for agile decision-making.

Seamless Integration

Interoperable IoT apps with MQTT and CoAP protocols, ensuring smooth integration into existing infrastructure.

Responsive Actions

Empower teams with real-time monitoring, automation, and feedback loops, enhancing business processes' optimization.

Image Recognition Apps

Leverage image recognition for advanced data analysis, security enhancements, and operational optimization.

Indoor Geofencing & Navigation Apps

Precisely transforming indoor spaces, enhancing logistics, and improving user experiences in confined environments.

Wearable Device Apps

Embrace the future of connected devices with tailored applications, from health monitoring to workforce optimization.

Tech Stack

Expertise in a robust tech stack, delivering cutting-edge solutions with Odoo IoT and Smart Manufacturing with weigh bridge tech.

Odoo IoT

Explore the potential of Odoo IoT for streamlined and efficient business processes, from intelligent automation to data-driven decision-making.

Smart Manufacturing (Weigh Bridge)

Connect, monitor, and optimize your production processes for unprecedented efficiency with our Smart Manufacturing solutions powered by Weigh Bridge technology.

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From IoT implementation to automation upgrades and beyond, LDTech has the experience, vision and solutions to future-proof your organization. Our professionals have immense expertise in leading IoT and digital systems like Oracle, Salesforce, and Odoo inside out, we develop roadmaps aligned with future success by leveraging data, smarter devices, and advanced analytics to create competitive advantage and ensure resilience – no matter the technological revolution around the corner.

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